Aquarium maintenance for the DIYer!

Simply put, this service is a full aquarium maintenance delivery system designed specifically for your tank. Every tank is different, but packages are starting at $15 a month.

Delivery includes:

  • RO water or Fritz RPM Saltwater mix @ 1.025 (Usually $10-$30/ month)
  • ROX .8 Granular activated carbon (Usually $30/ 4 months)
  • Granular Ferric Oxide (helps with algae) (Usually $45/ 4 months)
  • Filters and media bags (Usually $7/ 2 months)
  • Fish food (Usually $5/ month)
  • Water-change supplies (Usually $20-$50)
  • Water testing (Usually $60/ month)
  • Free advice! (Usually $1,000,000/ month)

We want people to have better experiences with aquariums, and we think $15 a month is a great base price for people to be able to enjoy their tanks again! Not to mention no more lugging buckets all over the place! We will do all the heavy lifting, come home from work and there’s 2-4 buckets of water on your patio!

DISCLAIMER: packages are estimated, we cannot predict the state of your fishtank, therefore an individual quote will have to be made up for each tank, these are just estimates, but we will be more than happy to help!