Our Services


We design our aquariums to perfectly fit in your home or place of business. Give your customers a reason to stay a few extra minutes, or make the wait time seem a little faster, with a living piece of the ocean’s beautiful reefs.


We pride ourselves in making aquariums look like a part of the building. We never want an aquarium to look like it was just dropped into a room. We take care of the details in making sure your aquarium stands out, while blending right in. Allow our expertise build you a unique handcrafted focal point in your living room or office.

Installation/ Tank upgrades

Our quick and simple installations are the easiest way to get a quality aquarium up and running. Our fully insured services will also give you piece of mind. Most installs or transfers only take about a day, and you won’t have to lift a finger! We have high success with transferring fish and corals into new tanks. We know how to keep fish happy and calm, as well as the owners!

Long term service

We have developed our own methods to keep healthy fish and corals. We highly limit the use of chemicals or medications in the aquarium, to help build a much more natural ecosystem. We meticulously record and compile your tanks information, every visit, to help give us an idea of your tanks “personality”. We use high quality testing methods, and offer to send out water samples to a professional lab to be analysed. We guarantee your fish won’t be happier anywhere else, than with us!

Short term service

Having trouble getting your aquarium to the level of appeal that you want? We offer short term service to help give the tank a jump-start in the right direction. We will give you advice and help you achieve the most success with your aquarium.