Our Mission

Great customer service is the very backbone of our company. We do everything we can to ensure that our customers have the most success with fish-keeping, because, lets be honest, not everyone has always had great experiences with fish in the past. All of our customers get a small detailed packet on how to keep habitats healthy between our visits, as well as continuous advise from our team. Our passion is directly shown to our customers, through great interaction and service.

What We Do

About Us

Located in Binghamton, New York, our company officially started in 2015, but our drive and passion for healthy aquariums started long before that. We learned early on that hard work and consistency was the key to keeping a healthy tank, and since then, we have been passing that success on to our customers!

Why we do what we do

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the stunningly gorgeous wonders our waters have to offer as often as they want, and be able to watch them flourish and grow. For us, it is not the end result, it’s the journey and growth along the way. We are so happy to be able to do something, everyday, that truly brings us joy

We pride ourselves in bringing you the best value in aquarium service. our meticulous team will help design and build an aquarium, to your exact specifications, without going overboard with cost. Click below for some information on how we bring success to our customers!

See for yourself

“Our aquarium is the highlight of our dental office. There is not a day that goes by that patients do not complement our saltwater tank.”

Dr. Tim

“It brought a different type of nature into my home I wouldn’t typically be able to enjoy.”


“Employee productivity is up, and our customers are always attracted to, and ask about our reef tank. Very cool piece of nature to share in the workplace.”


“It’s a hobby that gets me up, keeps the TV off, and allows me to garden my own miniature ocean.”


“I had a marine tank 20 years ago and decided to own another. [ . . . ] Christian was amazing. [ . . . ] If you are thinking about a marine tank, do not go it alone.”


“Awesome business. Very attentive to details, very caring. I would highly recommend.”


“He is the best of the best!! Top notch – love my new salt water tank – highly recommend.”


“Knows exactly what he is doing. Very well mannered. Responds quickly to calls, and scheduling is easy and convenient. No BS. This is a great guy and I would recommend any and all business to him.”


“Very professional & knowledgeable. Easy to contact & schedule. Very satisfied with work!”


There’s no big secret for success here, we simply put in quality effort, and more importantly, consistent work. We work directly with our customers to bring them their needs, while keeping the health and happiness of the ecosystem where we believe it needs to be. We use only pharmaceutical quality media, and supplements, as well as high quality test kits to keep water parameters within ranges we determine. Click the link below to check out awesome picture of our work!

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Bringing new creativity to aquarium installation, customization & service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not exactly, people tend to have bad luck with saltwater due to impatience, and improper initial set-ups, which eventually leads to an unsuccessful tank. It’s better to spend the extra $20 on equipment to help better the ecosystem’s health. The hardest thing to remember is that we are taking something that covers 70% of our Earth, and putting it in a box in your living room!
Like anything, it can be expensive, it all depends what you want out of it. Compare it to buying a car, some cars cost as much as houses, while others cost as much as cell phones. people often see large, expensive set-ups and want that, when they only have enough room or budget for a small to medium size aquarium.
Absolutely! Once we find a new home for existing freshwater fish, we simply clean out the tank and equipment, make necessary changes, and then start filling it up with saltwater!

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